{Barry & Alysha} Sanctuary Cove 4.4.14

Above all the awesomeness & uniquness in this wedding Alysha & Barry are both wonderful people individually AND together & it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of and capture their special day!


How we met: We met while working at Ipswich city council

The proposal: Barry had put the ring around our puppy’s neck and asked me to come outside to help him with something and when I walked out he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

How wedding theme: Barry and I share a common love of Disney and it was one of the things that bought us together. So one thing led to another and we decided to incorporate Disney aspects in our wedding. We always wanted a fun and unique wedding which we ended up doing.  We wanted to make our wedding a day to remember for both us and our guests. We wanted to make it a personal and reflect us and our relationship.  All the small details came together to make it a special and beautiful day.

2014-05-18_0095 2014-05-18_00962014-05-18_00972014-05-18_00982014-05-18_00992014-05-18_01002014-05-18_01012014-05-18_01022014-05-18_01032014-05-18_01042014-05-18_01052014-05-18_01062014-05-18_01072014-05-18_01082014-05-18_01092014-05-18_01102014-05-18_01112014-05-18_01132014-05-18_01152014-05-18_01162014-05-18_01172014-05-18_01182014-05-18_01192014-05-18_01202014-05-18_01212014-05-18_01222014-05-18_01232014-05-18_01242014-05-18_01252014-05-18_01262014-05-18_01272014-05-18_01282014-05-18_01292014-05-18_01302014-05-18_01312014-05-18_01412014-05-18_01422014-05-18_01432014-05-18_01442014-05-18_01452014-05-18_01462014-05-18_01472014-05-18_01482014-05-18_01492014-05-18_01502014-05-18_01512014-05-18_01522014-05-18_01532014-05-18_01542014-05-18_01552014-05-18_01562014-05-18_01572014-05-18_01582014-05-18_01592014-05-18_01602014-05-18_01612014-05-18_01622014-05-18_01632014-05-18_01642014-05-18_01652014-05-18_01662014-05-18_01672014-05-18_01682014-05-18_01692014-05-18_01702014-05-18_01712014-05-18_01722014-05-18_01732014-05-18_01752014-05-18_01762014-05-18_01772014-05-18_01782014-05-18_01792014-05-18_01802014-05-18_01812014-05-18_01822014-05-18_01832014-05-18_01842014-05-18_01852014-05-18_01862014-05-18_01872014-05-18_01882014-05-18_01892014-05-18_01902014-05-18_01912014-05-18_01922014-05-18_01932014-05-18_01942014-05-18_01952014-05-18_01962014-05-18_01972014-05-18_01982014-05-18_01992014-05-18_02002014-05-18_0201 Bridal Prep – Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort Ceremony & Reception – Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club Celebrant – Liz Pforr (Yes, I will marry you!) Florist – Bridal Wedding Flowers Makeup Artist – Sam – Blake Designs Hair Stylist – Renae Waldron Wedding Dress – Element of Style, Bridal and Formal Wear

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