2013 – The Year in Review

2013-12-17_0048Well another year has flown by & what a big year it has been with almost 30 weddings plus many other photoshoots and personal projects along the way.

We are truly blessed to be doing something we love & meeting so many wonderful new people 🙂 Thank you to all of our incredible clients & future clients as well as all of our supporters on the blog & facebook.

We really value & appreciate all of your amazing support and encouragement which keeps us doing what we do & wanting to get better at it every year!

We are looking forward to what 2014 holds for us as a couple & as a business. The sky is the limit! (actually there are no limits) We want to keep dreaming big and being open to new opportunities and growing the business as well as ourselves and our skills.

Enjoy looking through some highlight images from 2013! Here is last years year in review for anyone interested to look back – 2012 Year in Review

2013-12-17_0001 2013-12-17_0002 2013-12-17_0003 2013-12-17_0004 2013-12-17_0005 2013-12-17_0006 2013-12-17_0007 2013-12-17_0008 2013-12-17_0009 2013-12-17_0010 2013-12-17_0011 2013-12-17_0012 2013-12-17_0013 2013-12-17_0014 2013-12-17_0015 2013-12-17_0016 2013-12-17_0017 2013-12-17_0018 2013-12-17_0019 2013-12-17_0020 2013-12-17_0021 2013-12-17_0022 2013-12-17_0023 2013-12-17_0024 2013-12-17_0025 2013-12-17_0026 2013-12-17_0027 2013-12-17_0028 2013-12-17_0029 2013-12-17_0030 2013-12-17_0031 2013-12-17_0032 2013-12-17_0034 2013-12-17_0035 2013-12-17_0036 2013-12-17_0037 2013-12-17_0038 2013-12-17_0039 2013-12-17_0040 2013-12-17_0041 2013-12-17_0042 2013-12-17_0043 2013-12-17_0044 2013-12-17_0045 2013-12-17_0046



{Styled Bohemian/Gypsy Inspired}

This wonderful shoot was pretty much completely styled by the incredible Clarissa. She is so creative and gifted in what she does! I highly recommend her. And the amazing Larna G Makeup, she is extremely talented, go and book her for your next special occasion or wedding 🙂 Thank you to everyone involved, we appreciate everyone’s contribution to this fabulous photoshoot! And of course the models, wow you girls completely rocked it! Thank you for all making it so easy for me to capture such stunning images.

Styling – Garden Party Vintage

Makeup – Larna G Makeup

Flowers – Northside Flower Market

Jewelry (except a few pieces) – Redlust Designs

Resin Vases – Bravo Juliet Designs

Crochet macrame skirt, purple & orange macrame leather necklace  Nini – ninique

Photography – Special Memories Photography & Media

Models – Hasina, Kara & Hanri

2013-12-09_0001 2013-12-09_0002 2013-12-09_0003 2013-12-09_0004 2013-12-09_0005 2013-12-09_0006 2013-12-09_0007 2013-12-09_0008 2013-12-09_0009 2013-12-09_0010 2013-12-09_0011 2013-12-09_0012 2013-12-09_0013 2013-12-09_0014 2013-12-09_0015 2013-12-09_0016 2013-12-09_0017 2013-12-09_0018 2013-12-09_0019 2013-12-09_0020 2013-12-09_0021 2013-12-09_0022 2013-12-09_0024 2013-12-09_0025 2013-12-09_0026 2013-12-09_0027 2013-12-09_0028 2013-12-09_0029 2013-12-09_0030 2013-12-09_0031 2013-12-09_0032 2013-12-09_0033 2013-12-09_0034 2013-12-09_0035 2013-12-09_0036 2013-12-09_0037 2013-12-09_0038 2013-12-09_0039 2013-12-09_0040 2013-12-09_0041 2013-12-09_0042 2013-12-09_0043 2013-12-09_0044 2013-12-09_0045 2013-12-09_0046 2013-12-09_0047 2013-12-09_0048 2013-12-09_0049 2013-12-09_0050 2013-12-09_0051 2013-12-09_0052 2013-12-09_0053 2013-12-09_0054

Styled Couples Photoshoot {SM Photography}

A huge thank you to Clarissa (& her husband) for the incredible styling of this photoshoot, she put so much effort into this session and the results were beautiful! Thank you to Banana J Creations for the loan of one of their stunning Teepee’s, it looked fantastic. Be sure to check out these ladies pages to view their amazing work & products. Also thank you to Stacey & Linh for hair & makeup. Great job girls!

Thank you to the wonderful couple Jaimi-Lee & Jason who were so perfect for this session & worked really hard, we appreciate your time so much! And to the wonderful helpers Praneeta & Megan for being so hands on in helping us achieve these gorgeous images. The video from this session will follow shortly…

Styled by the amazing Clarissa – Garden Party Vintage – photography styling & vintage prop hire

Teepee – Banana J Creations 

Hair styling – Stacey Dawn Hair

Makeup Artist – Makeup by Linh

Models – Jaimi-Lee & Jason

2013-10-22_0001 2013-10-22_0002 2013-10-22_0003 2013-10-22_0004 2013-10-22_0005 2013-10-22_0006 2013-10-22_0007 2013-10-22_0008 2013-10-22_0009 2013-10-22_0010 2013-10-22_0011 2013-10-22_0012 2013-10-22_0013 2013-10-22_0014 2013-10-22_0015 2013-10-22_0016 2013-10-22_0017 2013-10-22_0018 2013-10-22_0019 2013-10-22_0020 2013-10-22_0021 2013-10-22_0022 2013-10-22_0023 2013-10-22_0024 2013-10-22_0025 2013-10-22_0026 2013-10-22_0027 2013-10-22_0028 2013-10-22_0029 2013-10-22_0030 2013-10-22_0031 2013-10-22_0032 2013-10-22_0033 2013-10-22_0034 2013-10-22_0035 2013-10-22_0036 2013-10-22_0037 2013-10-22_0038 2013-10-22_0039 2013-10-22_0040 2013-10-22_0041 2013-10-22_0042 2013-10-22_0043 2013-10-22_0044 2013-10-22_0045 2013-10-22_0046 2013-10-22_0047 2013-10-22_0048 2013-10-22_0049 2013-10-22_0050 2013-10-22_0051 2013-10-22_0052 2013-10-22_0053 2013-10-22_0054 2013-10-22_0055 2013-10-22_0056 2013-10-22_0057

{The Doll} Personal Project

So this photoshoot was inspired by… a doll 🙂 haha I wanted to create a “real life” doll look so came up with this!

My beautiful model Sarah had just the look I was going for and my dear friend over at Wedding Hair & Makeup by Jessica Rose was kind enough to create this look for me with her creative hair & makeup skills.

The outfits were selected by myself and the model as we went through her wardrobe of clothes & then between us both we provided the extra props to complete the look. Oh and the stunning black & white striped bow was purchased from Lavender Latte.

It was just a bit of fun and I am so happy with the end result!

2013-09-07_0080 2013-09-07_0081 2013-09-07_0082 2013-09-07_0083 2013-09-07_0084 2013-09-07_0085 2013-09-07_0086 2013-09-07_0087 2013-09-07_0088 2013-09-07_0089 2013-09-07_0090

{The Water Princess} SM Photography

This was a personal project that I had in mind, and I am so happy with the results. The hair and makeup was also done by me (I do a little bit every now & then for fun). The hair was Rapunzel inspired and I wanted that sort of water princess look, so I decided on Mt Tambourine Creek. The model (Esita) was perfect for this shoot, with her naturally very long and luscious hair and those beautiful eyes that draw you in. She had never done anything like this before but as you can see she is an absolute natural.

Also a shout out to Sarah who came along as my assistant, was great to have you there with us! We all risked our lives to get these photos (haha – not quite, but we did have to hike up & down the slippery rocks)

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{The Mask Project}

large crop

‘If we remove the masks and let our true selves shine before all, we are transfigured into our more profound and genuine selves.’

Ok so this “project” has been going on for a few months now and in the end I didnt get to do as many different shoots as I wanted as I somehow misplaced the mask at my last shoot 😦 I must have left it at the park and then we returned the next day we couldn’t find it anywhere, so there ended my project LOL I had intentions of doing many more sessions but kept forgetting to actually use the mask as I would get too excited about the ideas that were going through my head I would finish up and then realise I didn’t get any shots with the mask..anyways you are probably wondering what I am going on about..

Mid last year I came across a blog post of a selection of different photographers overseas who used this one crown in a number of different photoshoots and it really inspired me to do something similar, my creative mind was running and I came across a gorgeous mask that gave me an idea! So that’s how it all started.

I thought it would be a bit of fun using different people and different clothing/themes with this mask to see what I could come up with… I had better intentions with this project but I am still happy with the results! Hope you enjoy all the images below…

A big thanks to my gorgeous models Michelle, Joy, Bek & Rhiannon

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{Celebrating Marriage Project} SM Photography

Well the long awaited blog is finally here! And first and foremost I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the girls involved in this project. You were all AMAZING! I really appreciate the time and effort that every “bride” made to look gorgeous on the day & to the girls who helped out on the day along with a massive thanks to Luscious Cupcakes  for their donation of cupcakes for all the brides. They were delicious!

I was chatting with a friend awhile back and we were saying how cool it would be to get a few friends all in their wedding dresses and take photos so this discussion then led to more thoughts of actually doing a personal project. I thought “what girl wouldn’t want to get back into her wedding dress again!” If you are blessed enough to fit back into it then why not! haha

I wanted this project to be a bit more significant than just having the opportunity to get back into your wedding dress so thought I would use this as a “celebrating marriage” photoshoot. There are so many broken relationships, divorces, hurt and pain out there that I wanted to do something positive and celebrate the beauty of marriage.

Marriage can be, and is, a wonderful thing, yes it takes a whole lot of hard work and effort to keep a strong and successful marriage but it’s so worth it. So I wanted this photoshoot to be a big celebration! (hence the balloons & streamers)

I put a call out on facebook and got a fantastic response back. On the day we ended up with 18 stunning brides which I was so happy with. We had women of all ages, some who had been married for a year & some who had been married for 10 or more.

To be honest, as excited as I was about this project, I was so nervous. All of these gorgeous women who have put so much effort into hair & makeup and getting their dresses cleaned, bringing balloons & streamers, even girls going on diets so they could fit back into their dress (well done to you girls by the way!)…I wanted it to be well worth it for them all so I was thinking to myself “self, you better do a good job!” LOL

From the feedback I got from everyone I believe it was well worth it! As much as I was panicking behind the camera the girls were having a blast being crazy in their wedding dresses, making new friends, throwing streamers around and getting their “pose” on.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos & be sure to share this blog with your friends and family. Let’s celebrate the beauty of marriage!

And I will end with this funny quote:

‘Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can’t sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can’t sleep with the window open.’
Gotta love balloons! But there was some serious wind going on and the balloons were going crazy…it was time to say goodbye to the balloons 😦