{Tim & Erika} Engaged

Ok so I don’t like to be too biased with my photo shoots but I must say this engagement sessions has been one of my all time favourites to date! Erika is actually my amazing hair dresser – go check out Alexander Woulfe. But a side from that she along with her fiance are just absolutely stunning, genuine & loving people.

By looking at these photos you WOULD think they are both models but no, they are just everyday (well plus some extra gorgeousness) people like you and me who had their engagement shoot and TOTALLY rocked it!

They wanted to have a bit of a 1940’s/50’s theme to their shoot as they both love getting dressed up so it was perfect for them and I love that the photo shoot ended up with a bit of a Notebook style/theme to it. (which is one of my all time fav movies!)

I was oohing and aahing through their whole shoot and pretty much didn’t want it to end. They were both a delight to photograph and to say I am super excited about their wedding next year would be an understatement!

Enjoy their images below…

2014-07-30_0187 2014-07-30_0188 2014-07-30_0189 2014-07-30_0190 2014-07-30_0191 2014-07-30_0192 2014-07-30_0193 2014-07-30_0194 2014-07-30_0195 2014-07-30_0196 2014-07-30_0197 2014-07-30_0198 2014-07-30_0199 2014-07-30_0200 2014-07-30_0201 2014-07-30_0202 2014-07-30_0203 2014-07-30_0204 2014-07-30_0205 2014-07-30_0206 2014-07-30_0207 2014-07-30_0208 2014-07-30_0209 2014-07-30_0210 2014-07-30_0211 2014-07-30_0212 2014-07-30_0213 2014-07-30_0214 2014-07-30_0215 2014-07-30_0216 2014-07-30_0217 2014-07-30_0218 2014-07-30_0219 2014-07-30_0220 2014-07-30_0221 2014-07-30_0222 2014-07-30_0223 2014-07-30_0224 2014-07-30_0225 2014-07-30_0226 2014-07-30_0227 2014-07-30_0228 2014-07-30_0229 2014-07-30_0230 2014-07-30_0231