{He Asked, She Said Yes}

I recently did a photo shoot that was actually a secret proposal 🙂 I had wanted to do one of these for quite some time and was thrilled when Basil contacted me.

Isabel (his now fiance) and Basil’s sister had “gifted” Basil a couples photo shoot for his birthday (well so Isabel thought) with the help of Basil’s sister this was all set up and was in fact Basil’s idea and his gift to Isabel. Are you with me? haha

He had planned to propose to her during this photo shoot so we could capture it all. It was quite fun planning & scheming and all along Isabel had absolutely no idea (even when Basil secretly gave the ring box to my husband and then my hubby had to get it back to him right before he proposed) there was a lot of secret business happening that day.

We started out at the City Botanic Gardens (which is where Isabel wanted to have the photos).





And then we went to Victoria Gold Complex (for the proposal) which is where this lovely couple had their first date. We played dumb when Isabel had mentioned that Basil thought it might be nice to have a few photos at this spot.

Then the nerves kicked in…


and then this is when the magic happened!





We felt so honoured to able to capture this precious moment in their lives. Congratulations to such a wonderful couple!

{Chris & Kristi} Expecting…

Maternity sessions are amongst some of my favourite types of photo sessions so of course I was looking forward to this one at the gorgeous City Botanic Gardens with this lovely couple expecting their first little bub. They were both so lovely to capture and Chris was such a gentlemen and so helpful. And how amazing does Kristi look right!?

Maternity 01 (4) Maternity 01 (3) Maternity 01 (2) Maternity 01 (1) 2013-04-15_0136 2013-04-15_0134 2013-04-15_0133 2013-04-15_0132

Maternity 01 (8)

Maternity 01 (13) Maternity 01 (12) Maternity 01 (11) Maternity 01 (10)

Maternity 01 (18) Maternity 01 (17) Maternity 01 (16) Maternity 01 (15) Maternity 01 (14) Maternity 01 (19)Maternity 01 (20)

2013-04-15_0148 2013-04-15_0149 2013-04-15_0150

{Will & Emma – Maternity} SM Photography

I am loving maternity sessions more and more these days. I love that they are a mix of celebrating the soon to be birth of a baby along with the beautiful close connection and love of the parents. I am also so lucky to get the most stunning clients!

I am thrilled with the photos we captured of these two gorgeous people and their celebration of the creation of a new life! I hope you enjoy looking through their images.

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