{He Asked, She Said Yes}

I recently did a photo shoot that was actually a secret proposal 🙂 I had wanted to do one of these for quite some time and was thrilled when Basil contacted me.

Isabel (his now fiance) and Basil’s sister had “gifted” Basil a couples photo shoot for his birthday (well so Isabel thought) with the help of Basil’s sister this was all set up and was in fact Basil’s idea and his gift to Isabel. Are you with me? haha

He had planned to propose to her during this photo shoot so we could capture it all. It was quite fun planning & scheming and all along Isabel had absolutely no idea (even when Basil secretly gave the ring box to my husband and then my hubby had to get it back to him right before he proposed) there was a lot of secret business happening that day.

We started out at the City Botanic Gardens (which is where Isabel wanted to have the photos).





And then we went to Victoria Gold Complex (for the proposal) which is where this lovely couple had their first date. We played dumb when Isabel had mentioned that Basil thought it might be nice to have a few photos at this spot.

Then the nerves kicked in…


and then this is when the magic happened!





We felt so honoured to able to capture this precious moment in their lives. Congratulations to such a wonderful couple!

{Travis & April} Engaged

We had heaps of fun at this engagement session. The plan was to have a bit of everything, confetti, water balloons, paint…. we were all geared up to start the paint fight (started filling balloons with paint), they even had their white clothes on so the paint would stand out… to then realise that the paint wasn’t water-based and could cause some serious staining so we kind of had to skip the paint idea! But non the less we still had heaps of fun and got some good old fun & crazy photos of this cute couple having a water fight and getting VERY wet in the process (of course)

We are looking forward to having heaps of fun on their wedding day also (probably won’t be including water & paint) but I am sure there will be lots of laughs, silly faces and memories created.

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{Rob & Anna} Engaged

We have the privilege of capturing Rob & Anna’s big day in November so this was a fun engagement session that was included in their package. It was a great chance for them to get to know me and vice versa. It also means that on their wedding day they will be more likely to know what to expect and will feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera.

Our original location feel through due to construction so we had to think quick for a plan B and we were also battling against the weather but it ended up being a fun & relaxed session and we got some great images that Rob & Anna used in their wedding day guest signing book (which was also included in their package).

They are such a fun couple, both down to earth and of course very much in love!

Enjoy looking through their images 🙂

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{Danielle & Jayde} Engaged//SM Photography

This wonderful couple wanted something fun & quirky as well as getting some beautiful natural shots with nature and I think we achieved that! We had cloud cover for most of the session but then the beautiful sun decided to appear and we managed to get some stunning shots towards the end of their session.

Check out Danielle & Jayde’s gorgeous engagement photos…

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