{He Asked, She Said Yes}

I recently did a photo shoot that was actually a secret proposal ūüôā I had wanted to do one of these for quite some time and was thrilled when Basil contacted me.

Isabel (his now fiance) and Basil’s sister had “gifted” Basil a couples photo shoot for his birthday (well so Isabel thought) with the help of Basil’s sister this was all set up and was in fact Basil’s idea and his gift to Isabel. Are you with me? haha

He had planned to propose to her during this photo shoot so we could capture it all. It was quite fun planning & scheming and all along Isabel had absolutely no idea (even when Basil secretly gave the ring box to my husband and then my hubby had to get it back to him right before he proposed) there was a lot of secret business happening that day.

We started out at the City Botanic Gardens (which is where Isabel wanted to have the photos).





And then we went to Victoria Gold Complex (for the proposal) which is where this lovely couple had their first date. We played dumb when Isabel had mentioned that Basil thought it might be nice to have a few photos at this spot.

Then the nerves kicked in…


and then this is when the magic happened!





We felt so honoured to able to capture this precious moment in their lives. Congratulations to such a wonderful couple!

{Dylan & Kandy} // Cabarita

Kandy & Dylan opted for a beautiful, soft, pink & grey, romantic wedding. With gorgeous views we had lots of fun taking some spectacular photos at Cabarita beach.

2015-02-02_0035 2015-02-02_0036 2015-02-02_0037 2015-02-02_0038 2015-02-02_0039 2015-02-02_0040 2015-02-02_0041 2015-02-02_0042 2015-02-02_0043 2015-02-02_0044 2015-02-02_0045 2015-02-02_0046 2015-02-02_0047 2015-02-02_0048 2015-02-02_0049 2015-02-02_0050 2015-02-02_0051 2015-02-02_0052 2015-02-02_0053 2015-02-02_0054 2015-02-02_0055 2015-02-02_0056 2015-02-02_0057 2015-02-02_0058 2015-02-02_0059 2015-02-02_0060 2015-02-02_0061 2015-02-02_0062

{Jayde & Danielle} 2.8.2014 //Yarra Valley


Jayde & Danielle were married in Yarra Valley – 2nd August 2014. It was a beautiful trip down to Melbourne. Jayde & Danielle were amazing hosts along with their families. We felt very looked after.

It was freezing but spectacular! We love that they both allowed for their wedding to be unique and special & really reflect them as a couple. This wedding was definitely that! They are both so very in love and also have so much love for their friends and family. We were truly blessed to be a part of capturing their special day.

2015-02-02_00102015-02-02_00122015-02-02_00132015-02-02_00142015-02-02_00152015-02-02_00162015-02-02_00172015-02-02_00182015-02-02_00192015-02-02_00202015-02-02_00212015-02-02_0022 2015-02-02_0023 2015-02-02_0024 2015-02-02_0025 2015-02-02_0026 2015-02-02_0027 2015-02-02_0028 2015-02-02_0029 2015-02-02_0030 2015-02-02_0031 2015-02-02_0032 2015-02-02_0033 2015-02-02_0034

2014 – The Year in Review



I cannot believe we are now very much in the year of 2015!

We had a wonderful time throughout 2014, meeting & photographing many new & some regular clients. Its always an honour to be a part of capturing these special moments in peoples lives.

We decided for 2014 to take on a bit less (but it still ended up being a crazy big year) but its was an adventure and we are so grateful for it! We got to do a wedding in Melbourne and also one up north at Paronella Park which was an amazing experience. Thank you so much to all of our clients and followers, we appreciate your love & support so much!

Now very much specializing & focusing on weddings and engagement sessions, I still LOVE doing maternity sessions and then the odd glamour shoot here and there. I felt like I didnt really have the time to do many shoots just for my own creativity and fun which is something I want to take the time out for this year to do. So stay tuned…. but in the meantime please enjoy looking through some of our highlights throughout 2014.

And for those interested, here is our Year in Review from 2013.

2015-01-09_0027 2015-01-09_0028 2015-01-09_0001
2015-01-09_0003 2015-01-09_0004 2015-01-09_0005 2015-01-09_0006 2015-01-09_0007 2015-01-09_0008 2015-01-09_0009 2015-01-09_0010 2015-01-09_0011 2015-01-09_0012 2015-01-09_0013 2015-01-09_0014 2015-01-09_0015 2015-01-09_0016 2015-01-09_0017 2015-01-09_0018 2015-01-09_0019 2015-01-09_0020 2015-01-09_0021 2015-01-09_0022 2015-01-09_0023 2015-01-09_0024 2015-01-09_0025 2015-01-09_0026



{Tim & Erika} Engaged

Ok so I don’t like to be too biased with my photo shoots but I must say this engagement sessions has been one of my all time favourites to date! Erika is actually my amazing hair dresser – go check out¬†Alexander Woulfe. But a side from that she along with her fiance are just absolutely stunning, genuine & loving people.

By looking at these photos you WOULD think they are both models but no, they are just everyday (well plus some extra gorgeousness) people like you and me who had their engagement shoot and TOTALLY rocked it!

They wanted to have a bit of a 1940’s/50’s theme to their shoot as they both love getting dressed up so it was perfect for them and I love that the photo shoot ended up with a bit of a Notebook style/theme to it. (which is one of my all time fav movies!)

I was oohing and aahing through their whole shoot and pretty much didn’t want it to end. They were both a delight to photograph and to say I am super excited about their wedding next year would be an understatement!

Enjoy their images below…

2014-07-30_0187 2014-07-30_0188 2014-07-30_0189 2014-07-30_0190 2014-07-30_0191 2014-07-30_0192 2014-07-30_0193 2014-07-30_0194 2014-07-30_0195 2014-07-30_0196 2014-07-30_0197 2014-07-30_0198 2014-07-30_0199 2014-07-30_0200 2014-07-30_0201 2014-07-30_0202 2014-07-30_0203 2014-07-30_0204 2014-07-30_0205 2014-07-30_0206 2014-07-30_0207 2014-07-30_0208 2014-07-30_0209 2014-07-30_0210 2014-07-30_0211 2014-07-30_0212 2014-07-30_0213 2014-07-30_0214 2014-07-30_0215 2014-07-30_0216 2014-07-30_0217 2014-07-30_0218 2014-07-30_0219 2014-07-30_0220 2014-07-30_0221 2014-07-30_0222 2014-07-30_0223 2014-07-30_0224 2014-07-30_0225 2014-07-30_0226 2014-07-30_0227 2014-07-30_0228 2014-07-30_0229 2014-07-30_0230 2014-07-30_0231

{Best Friends} Photoshoot

When Sarah wanted to surprise her best friend with a fun photo shoot for her birthday, I asked her what they were both into, & of course, the top of the list was shoes and fashion! So I thought we could recreate a bit of a fun girly bedroom out in the forest as a fun backdrop for an awesome best friends photo shoot. I thought we could go with a whimsical, pretty look, a party/going out look and then end with a funky, rock/grunge look with the tutus and big hair.

It was so much fun to do and we were all so happy with the outcome. A massive shout out to Erika who styled the girls hair throughout the session РAlexandra Woulfe and also to Clarissa for her gorgeous tutus РVenice & Me

2014-07-30_0123 2014-07-30_0124 2014-07-30_0125 2014-07-30_0126 2014-07-30_0127 2014-07-30_0128 2014-07-30_0129 2014-07-30_0130 2014-07-30_0131 2014-07-30_0132 2014-07-30_0133 2014-07-30_0134 2014-07-30_0135 2014-07-30_0136 2014-07-30_0137 2014-07-30_0138 2014-07-30_0139 2014-07-30_0140 2014-07-30_0141 2014-07-30_0142 2014-07-30_0143 2014-07-30_0144 2014-07-30_0145 2014-07-30_0146 2014-07-30_0147 2014-07-30_0148 2014-07-30_0149 2014-07-30_0150 2014-07-30_0151 2014-07-30_0152 2014-07-30_0153 2014-07-30_0154 2014-07-30_0155 2014-07-30_0156 2014-07-30_0157 2014-07-30_0158 2014-07-30_0159 2014-07-30_0160 2014-07-30_0161 2014-07-30_0162 2014-07-30_0163 2014-07-30_0164 2014-07-30_0165 2014-07-30_0166 2014-07-30_0167 2014-07-30_0168 2014-07-30_0169 2014-07-30_0170 2014-07-30_0171 2014-07-30_0172 2014-07-30_0173 2014-07-30_0174 2014-07-30_0175 2014-07-30_0176 2014-07-30_0177 2014-07-30_0178 2014-07-30_0179 2014-07-30_0180 2014-07-30_0181 2014-07-30_0182 2014-07-30_0183 2014-07-30_0184 2014-07-30_0185 2014-07-30_0186

{Jared & Rivkah} Paronella Park – Mena Creek 17.4.14

Well I must start off by saying this has been one of our absolute favourite weddings to date! It was a huge honour to capture this special day, one because we already know Rivkah and her family, & two, because the location was up north at the stunning location of Paronella Park. It was a fun & wonderful adventure for us for a couple of days being up north.

These 2 are just perfection together, they have so much love and respect for one another as well as Rivkah’s (& now Jared’s) little girl.

Jared is a 4th year Infantry Captain (so is an officer) and has been serving in the army for 9 years.  Obviously being in the army as an officer he is away from home often so the love that this family share is even more special as their time together is often limited.

They both could not wipe the smiles off their faces all day, and who would blame them! It was a gorgeous day for them and all of their family & friends.

So much thought & care was put into this special day and a lot of credit goes to the bride herself for many of the creations you see, including the bouquets & personalised shoes that all the girls wore. Be sure to check out her page РMayleigh Rose Couture.  She also made the bunting, glass window signs

The whole day I just felt like I was at a royal wedding, Rivkah certainly looked like a princess, she is a natural beauty as it is so then you put a stunning dress & some hair and makeup on and she looks spectacular! And then Jared looking handsome and “prince like” in his suit. These 2, paired with Paronella park definitely equals incredible images.

I am sure you will enjoy looking through their images as much as we enjoyed taking them!


2014-05-29_0001 2014-05-29_0002 2014-05-29_0003 2014-05-29_0004 2014-05-29_0005 2014-05-29_0006 2014-05-29_0007 2014-05-29_0008 2014-05-29_0009 2014-05-29_0010 2014-05-29_0011 2014-05-29_0012 2014-05-29_0013 2014-05-29_0014 2014-05-29_0015 2014-05-29_0016 2014-05-29_0017 2014-05-29_0018 2014-05-29_0019 2014-05-29_0020 2014-05-29_0021 2014-05-29_0022 2014-05-29_0023 2014-05-29_0024 2014-05-29_0025 2014-05-29_0026 2014-05-29_0027 2014-05-29_0028 2014-05-29_0029 2014-05-29_0030 2014-05-29_0031 2014-05-29_0032 2014-05-29_0033 2014-05-29_0034 2014-05-29_0035 2014-05-29_0036 2014-05-29_0037 2014-05-29_0038 2014-05-29_0039 2014-05-29_0040 2014-05-29_0041 2014-05-29_0042 2014-05-29_0043 2014-05-29_0044 2014-05-29_0045 2014-05-29_0046 2014-05-29_0047 2014-05-29_0048 2014-05-29_0049 2014-05-29_0050 2014-05-29_0051 2014-05-29_0052 2014-05-29_0053 2014-05-29_0054 2014-05-29_0055 2014-05-29_0056 2014-05-29_0057 2014-05-29_0058 2014-05-29_0059 2014-05-29_0060 2014-05-29_0061 2014-05-29_0062 2014-05-29_0063 2014-05-29_0064 2014-05-29_0065 2014-05-29_0066 2014-05-29_0067 2014-05-29_0068 2014-05-29_0069 2014-05-29_0070 2014-05-29_0071 2014-05-29_0072 2014-05-29_0073 2014-05-29_0074 2014-05-29_0075 2014-05-29_0076 2014-05-29_0077 2014-05-29_0078 2014-05-29_0079 2014-05-29_0080 2014-05-29_0081 2014-05-29_0082 2014-05-29_0083 2014-05-29_0084 2014-05-29_0085 2014-05-29_0086 2014-05-29_0087 2014-05-29_0088 2014-05-29_0089 2014-05-29_0090 2014-05-29_0091 2014-05-29_0092 2014-05-29_0093 2014-05-29_0094 2014-05-29_0095 2014-05-29_0096 2014-05-29_0097 2014-05-29_0098 2014-05-29_0099 2014-05-29_0100 2014-05-29_0101 2014-05-29_0102 2014-05-29_0103 2014-05-29_0104 2014-05-29_0105 2014-05-29_0106 2014-05-29_0107 2014-05-29_0108 2014-05-29_0109 2014-05-29_0110 2014-05-29_0111 2014-05-29_0112 2014-05-29_0113

Wedding Dress –¬†Belladonna Bridal North Queensland.
Bridal Shoes – Mayleigh Rose Couture
 Custom Disney Shoes РKim: Sunnysideup
 Location РParonella Park
Order of Service Fans – Intelliedge Creations
Cake – New York Cake Co.

{Barry & Alysha} Sanctuary Cove 4.4.14

Above all the awesomeness & uniquness in this wedding Alysha & Barry are both wonderful people individually AND together & it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of and capture their special day!


How we met: We met while working at Ipswich city council

The proposal: Barry had put the ring around our puppy’s neck and asked me to come outside to help him with something and when I walked out he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

How wedding theme: Barry and I share a common love of Disney and it was one of the things that bought us together. So one thing led to another and we decided to incorporate Disney aspects in our wedding. We always wanted a fun and unique wedding which we ended up doing.  We wanted to make our wedding a day to remember for both us and our guests. We wanted to make it a personal and reflect us and our relationship.  All the small details came together to make it a special and beautiful day.

2014-05-18_0095 2014-05-18_00962014-05-18_00972014-05-18_00982014-05-18_00992014-05-18_01002014-05-18_01012014-05-18_01022014-05-18_01032014-05-18_01042014-05-18_01052014-05-18_01062014-05-18_01072014-05-18_01082014-05-18_01092014-05-18_01102014-05-18_01112014-05-18_01132014-05-18_01152014-05-18_01162014-05-18_01172014-05-18_01182014-05-18_01192014-05-18_01202014-05-18_01212014-05-18_01222014-05-18_01232014-05-18_01242014-05-18_01252014-05-18_01262014-05-18_01272014-05-18_01282014-05-18_01292014-05-18_01302014-05-18_01312014-05-18_01412014-05-18_01422014-05-18_01432014-05-18_01442014-05-18_01452014-05-18_01462014-05-18_01472014-05-18_01482014-05-18_01492014-05-18_01502014-05-18_01512014-05-18_01522014-05-18_01532014-05-18_01542014-05-18_01552014-05-18_01562014-05-18_01572014-05-18_01582014-05-18_01592014-05-18_01602014-05-18_01612014-05-18_01622014-05-18_01632014-05-18_01642014-05-18_01652014-05-18_01662014-05-18_01672014-05-18_01682014-05-18_01692014-05-18_01702014-05-18_01712014-05-18_01722014-05-18_01732014-05-18_01752014-05-18_01762014-05-18_01772014-05-18_01782014-05-18_01792014-05-18_01802014-05-18_01812014-05-18_01822014-05-18_01832014-05-18_01842014-05-18_01852014-05-18_01862014-05-18_01872014-05-18_01882014-05-18_01892014-05-18_01902014-05-18_01912014-05-18_01922014-05-18_01932014-05-18_01942014-05-18_01952014-05-18_01962014-05-18_01972014-05-18_01982014-05-18_01992014-05-18_02002014-05-18_0201 Bridal Prep – Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort Ceremony & Reception – Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club Celebrant – Liz Pforr (Yes, I will marry you!) Florist – Bridal Wedding Flowers Makeup Artist – Sam – Blake Designs Hair Stylist – Renae Waldron Wedding Dress –¬†Element of Style, Bridal and Formal Wear